Our Commitment to you

Cimarron Adventure Travel provides the opportunity to individuals with similar interests who want to travel with someone they trust – to experience places they have never been, really “SEEING” the country, experiencing the culture and diversity – all the while doing exactly what you want – at the physical ability level you are comfortable with.



Cimarron Adventure Travel is a travel experience unlike any other. Travel with locals, not some corporate team. Really get to see, feel, touch, and taste the real Costa Rica.
Live Pura Vida – Travel with Cimarron Adventure Travel!



Remember the old business adage – “design, develop, and implement”? Well, I have just done that – except I have added “Experience.” It all started many years ago when I decided to go on an “adventure” after selling just about everything I owned and seeing the last child go off to college. I wondered to myself – "O.K., now what am I going to do?"

Two and a half years later, I found myself putting together a travel company – But I wanted the company to be more than just a travel company. I wanted it to have ADVENTURE! I wanted to help others experience what I have seen and done, to “get outside the box” and just LIVE IT! Now, it's been almost a decade since I made Costa Rica home, and I can't wait to share with you what I have discovered. Living Pura Vida and loving it!


Your on-the-ground guide for all things adventure in Costa Rica. A legal resident herself, Pat has spent a decade living in Costa Rica immersing herself deeply in the culture.


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