Private Tour Horseback Riding. Explore peaceful hills, beautiful streams, small villages, the countryside and the tropical rainforest in Guanacaste as the “Sabaneros” (Costa Rica cowboys) did in the old days. Small personalized rides on great horses. Morning, lunch or afternoon rides. We offer a variety of small group and private tours on the best horses in Guanacaste. Here, you’ll get the best of everything, day tours from an award winning Guest Ranch, offering all the amenities in a cozy, intimate tropical forest setting. The horses are trained with natural horsemanship and known for their com- fortable ride and noble character. Not just nose-to-tail trail rides, but a true equestrian experience. Each riding package is individualized to meet the needs of riders, including rides on the old Spanish trails and ranches.

Includes: Round-trip transportation and a bilingual guide.


ADULT $75.00
CHILD $65.00